Punch Master – Rocket Kick

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Are you ready for the adventure full of punches and tricks? Rocket Punch! Yes, thats the name of our game! You have the chance to throw punches like youve never done before! Punch the enemies and knock them out! Solve the puzzling challenges. Have a look at your surroundings, take advantage of the weapons available so you can kill your enemies at the same time. Break through the wall, dig into the ground, blow up the bomb, do whatever you can to have the enemies defeated. You have so many gloves to be revealed to use against enemies and you dont want to miss out any single level. Relieve your stress through our punching games. Throw out some curvy punches at those people who annoy you most. Its definitely harder than you think, and you want to be strategic about how you will throw a punch and utilize each weapon. Are you ready for it?

Game Features 1 Simple but addicting mechanics Just move the joystick like how you would throw your punch - be strategic so you can kill your enemies at one time 2 Keep on upgrading So many different punching gloves and characters to




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