subway surfers singapore 2022

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The world tour Subway Surfer continues in Singapore. Explore the clean streets of Singapore, full of lives, shops and cafes! Surfing among impressive skyscrapers and a beautiful Orchard Road. Visit the famous Park Merlion and an impressive statue of a lion. Look into the colorful and alluring Chinatown. Admire the beautiful Bay-Ist-Garden garden, drowning in magnificent ponds with ivy and lilies. Do not forget to run along the Clark embankment to enjoy the best view of the embankment! "Sabway Surf: Singapore" is a classic endless Runner. You need to dodge trains, trams, obstacles and much more to go as far as possible in this endless running game. Good luck!

Management in the game subway surfers on the computer is carried out using arrows Space - to activate a skate Management on a mobile phone or tablet is carried out using swipe The goal of the game Subway Surfers World Tour Atlanta is that the hero

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