Hello Kitty besucht den Arzt

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Doc! Are you ready to test your great skills on the most adorable patient youve ever had? Cute Hello Kitty is waiting for you to welcome her in and youd better hurry up ladies cause the pain her ear is simply killing her! Apply the re-tractor for a better look and one you have everything prepared, start picking the right tools to fix each one of the huge problems causing the incredible pain in her ear. First of all, take care of the small injuries she has on her ear, then use a medical pair of tweezers to extract the pieces of mud in her ear and a pair of scissors to cut those big hair chunks. Great job, ladies! On the next page of the game, you will get the chance to take a closer look into Hello Kittys ear and deal with bacteria causing the pain and with a couple of injuries that need special attention. Good luck and have a great time playing the Hello Kitty Ear Doctor game!!

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