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Tomb Raider you will go on a dizzying journey with the most famous tomb raider. This time, the adventurer will go to an ancient temple that keeps many secrets in its bowels. You need to comb through every corner of the temple and not get lost in the intricacies of its endless corridors. Lara Croft will be armed and very dangerous for all the enemies that are missing here. Packs of hungry wolves, angry bears and swarms of flying mice hide in the temple chambers. You will have four types of weapons and you can pick up a pistol or shotgun depending on the predator. Many rooms will have many closed secret doors. To open them, you must look for levers. They can appear in the most unexpected places. For example, you will find one of the levers in one of the flooded rooms. So, some chambers will be hidden from view and you have to jump over the corridor and catch on to the ledge. Your main task is to find a way out of the temple, but it won't be easy. This complex, but incredibly interesting adventure game will become a real killer of free time and will completely absorb you for several hours. Enjoy the game and good luck!





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