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Ben 10 is trying to save the day in the Undertown Runner game. The evil aliens have once again infiltrated the city, and he is the only one who can stop them. You can join him in his next adventure and kick some alien bottoms. You must run fast and avoid obstacles to get as far as possible. This run will be dangerous, so you'd better prepare to face the worst. Prove that you can be a superhero as good as Ben and overcome all the difficulties on the way. The aim of this game is to run without hitting any obstacle or alien. Such objects will be laid all across the running area, and you must think quickly to avoid them. One wrong move will lead you to the end of the game, so be careful!

To avoid the obstacles you have to either jump over or slide under them To do that you will need to use the Up and Down arrows depending on the direction you want to go Be careful at the timing Don t rush to press the key before getting to the obsta




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