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Addictive and challenging jumping ball game. Jump up and unlock new heroes Hyper Jumper Mr Jump is a free game suitable for all ages. In the arsenal of the game 4 languages, 6 heroes and many levels. Mr Jump belongs to the genre of hyper casual games and arcade games, at first glance from a series of jumping games, but "hyper jumper" has collected all the best from this series. With our game "Hyper jumper Mr Jump offline" you can train your reaction, concentration, motor skills. Today there are a huge number of mobile games for every taste and color. Of all this diversity, absolutely everyone can easily, and most importantly, choose for free a really ideal option for themselves. Our option is the most ideal if you like jumping games. How to play: Playing arcade game is so much fun with little action! The gameplay will immediately become clear to you. There are 4 boxes of different colors (yellow, green, red and pink). You will control a hero that looks like a child's toy. You will jump up, thereby moving up the tier, but not everything is so simple. The hero changes his colors, and if, for example, he is green, then in this case you need to jump only on the boxes of this color. If you accidentally fall on a box of a different color, the hero has lost. The main difficulty is not to get on the buzz saw, plus you have to change the main background of the game, thereby knocking you down. You must have good fast reflexes to play and survive. PECULIARITIES: -> Train your hand, eye and brain coordination -> Bright graphics that will not let you get bored -> Very easy to manage -> Fast gameplay -> 6 heroes to unlock -> Really fun game that doesn't require wifi or internet. -> Addictive, interesting, popular single player mode brings endless joy -> Try unlocking new funny characters and cool colors.

Mouse control by pressing the left mouse button plus moving the mouse left and right

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