Zap kniv: Kniv träffar målet

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Zap Knife is here for you to hit all the Yummy Food. Hitting all the yummy food can be a serious challenge. So are you ready to take the challenge? It's a challenge for the chefs who can slice the foods more accurately. Zap Knife throwing games is a very fun game. But very few people can enjoy this fun knife throwing game. Because the knife hit fruit ninja game is so challenging. Those who like to take the challenge will enjoy playing the throw master flippy knife game. After the flip challenge knife throw game is played the player will be given 5-6 knives and yummy food will continue to rotate on the screen of the hitter game. The player has to throw the knife smash one by one at the food on the screen of the flippy knife game. But the challenge is that one knife cannot be touched with another of the fruit ninja 2 game. The slice master knife should be thrown and placed on the fruit ninja classic food so that it does not touch the other hit target knife of the trending games. When all the knives are thrown into the food in the right way, the food will be cut into pieces and spread on the screen and you will win the knife fight smash hit game. Then the next level of food will be displayed on the screen of the knife legend, knife dash game. You have to hit point games and throw the knives in the same way as the knife-throwing game. This level will be a little difficult to throw the knife game from the first level of the ninja slice game. You have to overcome difficulties and win at every level of the knife hitter game. If you win, you will get many coins as a reward for the fruit slice game. With that coin, you can buy knives of different designs from the shop of the thrower hitty, fruit slice game. The graphics of the fruit ninja game are very interesting. The graphics quality of the knife flipping games is awesome, which will double your satisfaction while playing the hit circle, hit challenge, game. So don't delay, install the knife flip or flippy knife game now to make your leisure time colorful. Share with friends and compete to see who can win the most levels of the hit point games.Don't be greedy to see all the yummy food in the watermelon games or eat fruit game. Endless levels with tricky difficulty of the knife up, knife fruit, knife out game. Hit to target & get the Coins.Challenge! you can't hit. Did you hit the cherry of the glupe igrice game? Take a slice with a knife hit. Upgrade your knife. Maybe you cant beat the last boss and You cant collect the Cherry. Try it. And prove us false. By playing the hit target game you will be able to recognize different types of food. For example, all the different fun foods that do not know the names of local and foreign.

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